Mr Phillips publishes new Gynaecology textbook for medical students

Mr Phillips co-authored the second Edition of Self Assessment by Ten Teachers.

AMAZON REVIEW: 4.0 out of 5 stars
A useful adjunct to the two sister titles to help consolidate learning 14 July 2013

This title as its name infers is intended to be used alongside its sister publications of Gynaecology by ten teachers & Obstetrics by ten teachers. For this reason the book is split into two sections with the first being on Obstetrics & slightly longer and the second covering Gynaecology. The types of questions included cover most if not all those you are likely to encounter from EMIs, MCQs, SBAs, SAQs to OSCE style questions. There are a full range of questions covering Obstetrics & Gynaecology under their relevant sections within the book in specific chapters on each question type. At the start of each of the chapters there is a chapter contents that allows the student to jump to questions on particular topics within O&G to further refine the usefulness in preparation for your revision & exams.

Most useful with this title unlike many other titles that are designed to be question books to prepare for exams is that as well as the answers & explanations for each of the questions there is also a link to the relevant chapter within the Obstetrics or Gynaecology by ten teachers title as such allowing the student to go back and reread the relevant information if they are unsure. This certainly is a feature not contained within many other titles of a similar nature.

The disadvantage that I have found with this book are that there are only a few scattered diagram and picture questions included, something that in the experience of many students I have chatted to is seen commonly in the exam setting.

In conclusion I would encourage you if you have the two sister titles for this book to purchase/access this title for yourself as it will certainly assist you in consolidating your knowledge and in your revision for your exams.

By LancsMedStudent
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