Mr Venkatasubramanium and Mr Phillips are first to use
new Robotic device in UK for pelvic floor reconstruction

Hand-held robot to perform reconstructive surgery for the first time in the UK at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital.

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will be pioneering the use of a new piece of surgical equipment as surgeons at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital will be the first in the UK to use a hand held robot for reconstructive surgery of the pelvis when they operate on a patient with gynaecological prolapse and bowel dysfunction on Friday, September 7.

The revolutionary advancement in robotic technology, called the Kymerax and developed by Terumo, is set to improve surgery across the country, bringing a host of benefits to the patient and surgeon. Kymerax offers a more precise and quick surgical procedure, with less invasive trauma to patients. The device is portable, which will mean it could be used across Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Andover War Memorial Hospital, Royal Hampshire County Hospital and Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospitals.
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